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Types of Erbs Palsy Injuries

Erbs Palsy injury are recognisable by certain symptoms after birth. The child’s affected arm may be limp with little or no muscle control in the arm, wrist or fingers.

The child may have reduced sensation in the arm or hand. In extreme cases the child may have his/her neck fixed to one side and it will be painful if the neck is moved.

It is crucial that the exact extent of nerve injuries caused is ascertained as soon as possible after birth because nerves regenerate best when the child is young. This is crucial if nerve repair surgery has to be carried out. Please ensure that if any of the symptoms set out above are apparent that you get expert medical attention as soon as possible for your child. Ask questions even if the medical professionals do not inform you that there is anything in particular wrong with your child.

Erbs Palsy injuries are usually divided into four categories depending on the severity of the injuries – 1 representing the mildest and 4 representing the most severe type.

When an avulsion occurs the nerve is torn off the spinal cord and, as of today, there is no medical way to rejoin that nerve to the spinal cord. This is the most severe category of injury. Function is lost permanently.

If a nerve is ruptured it may be repaired surgically but there is no guarantee of full recovery of function. Effectiveness of this procedure has advanced greatly in recent years. Nerve surgery is carried out in Ireland currently. Injuries of this type may be of category 3 or 2 depending on the extent of nerve ruptures.

If the nerve has been stretched but not ruptured it is possible that the nerve will recover or heal on its own. Function should be much better in these cases. These are classified as of type 1 injuries.

If there has been scar damage (a neuroma) around the site as a result of the nerve  injury this damage may interfere with signals from the spine to the arm/hand. This will require surgery to clear away the scar tissue.

Erbs Palsy

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - C5,C6,C7,C8 and T1 represent the nerves that are damaged individually or collectively  in the birth / delivery

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