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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the most common signs of an Erbs Palsy injury ?

  • A limp or paralyzed arm

  • Lack of muscle control in the arm

  • A decrease of sensation in the arm or hand

  • Loss of sensation in the arm or hand

  • Lack of control of shoulder or elbow muscles


The effects will vary depending on which nerves sustain damage. Some children have no muscle control and no feeling in the arm or hand. Others can move their arms, but have little control over the wrist and hand. Some children can use their hands well but cannot use the shoulder or elbow muscles.

Will my child make a full recovery?

Whether or not your child makes a full recovery depends entirely on the severity of the Erbs injuries. Up to eighty per cent make good recoveries but the other twenty per cent have lifelong injuries that incapacitate them in proportion to the nerve damage they have suffered.

Should my child have surgery?

It is only after the professional assessment by an Erbs Palsy expert of your child’s injuries that a decision about any medical treatment for your child should be made. Just because you hear of another Erbs child having a certain treatment that does not mean it will necessarily be suitable for your child. Consult the medical experts and ask all the questions to which you want answers. You have to act on behalf of your child for the child’s best interests.

Should I take my child outside Ireland for treatment?

This is a choice that the parent should only consider after gathering all the relevant medical information about the child. There are highly reputable Erbs Palsy medical experts in Ireland. It is much more practical to have your child treated in Ireland. However, if you believe that there is better treatment abroad for your child’s injuries then you should consider that option for your child. You may have to fund the medical treatment abroad yourself.

Will my child be able to lead a normal life?

Yes, but with certain limitations. Unless your child has other medical complications s/he will live a life that is similar to but somewhat different from the life s/he would have lived if the injuries had not happened. Certain trades or professions will be simply impossible for your child to follow, depending on the extent of the injuries. Certain routine tasks which require the use of two perfectly working hands will be difficult or impossible for the child but s/he usually finds a way around most of the difficulties in a certain fashion.

Should we be more protective our Erbs child?

You should treat your Erbs child like any other child in the family. Of course some allowances have to be made for the Erbs child’s incapacity. Do not exaggerate the differences. Such actions lead to resentment by all the children of their lot in the family set up. Be practical, be understanding but, most of all, teach your child to become an independent person.

Is there a cure expected for Erbs palsy injuries soon?

All over the world surgeons are researching new approaches to repairing the nerve damage caused by Erbs Palsy. A lot of progress has been made in recent decades in improving the functioning capacity of the body parts damaged by Erbs Palsy. Much more progress is needed. You may read about encouraging research being carried out by various surgeons. Hopefully their work will bear real fruit in the future. For the present, parents have to get the best treatment available for their child’s condition. This requires the parents reading and learning as much as they can about Erbs Palsy.


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